About Symbiont

Symbiont is the enterprise fintech company creating the next generation of financial markets infrastructure using blockchain technology. Assembly™, Symbiont’s enterprise blockchain platform, creates efficiencies, eliminates manual data replication and reconciliation processes, and enables real-time data sharing with complete privacy. Headquartered in New York City, Symbiont is led by a team of experts in capital markets and blockchain technology.

Assembly is distinguished from other distributed ledger platforms by its focus on confidentiality without sacrifice of network decentralization or consistency guarantees. By layering state machine replication on top of a Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus protocol we're able to create an infrastructure with no central authority, allowing real time sharing of data and application logic between mutually distrusting parties. On top of Assembly, Symbiont has built end-to-end solutions in multiple areas such as data management, mortgage servicing, fixed income, commodities, and alternative assets.

We want to provide best in class tooling and make it a joy to work with the Assembly platform. This spans many domains from the experience of writing contract logic in SymPL, our smart contract programming language, to visualizing production dataflow in a decentralized application. Every engineer has the opportunity to provide significant impact through technical insight and leadership as we simplify building applications on a novel blockchain platform.

What You'll Do

As a Symbiont Ecosystem Engineer you'll work on projects across the stack as needed to deliver best in class tooling. Examples of what we're building:

  • A CLI to install, manage and use our SDK with minimal friction.
  • Code-generation tooling to generate smart contract integration code in one command.
  • GUIs to observe the inner mechanics of the Assembly platform as it runs in both development and production.
  • IDE tooling to support the implementation of smart contracts in VSCode and other IDEs.
  • Administrative tooling to manage deployed nodes and networks.
  • Tooling to support developer workflows, from one-command full system test runs and CI/CD pipelines to scale test frameworks and cloud developer environments.

Our ecosystem is predominantly in TypeScript, with React GUIs and some python sprinkled in, however we're always eager to use the best tool for the job.


  • We are currently hiring at all experience levels including graduates. While expertise relevant to the above domains and technologies is not required, it is a plus for more experienced candidates.
  • Adaptable and willing to pivot as needed to build the Assembly tooling ecosystem.
  • We're a fully distributed company spread over multiple continents. This means a heavy focus on written collaboration and video meetings, with occasional time zone flexibility.
  • Growth mindset - we are not just hiring for now we are hiring for who you can become.
  • Strong programming skills in at least one language and experience with modern software development tooling and workflows.

Symbiont prioritizes a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. We recruit, employ, train, compensate and promote regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, veteran status, and other protected status as required by applicable law.